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    DragonCz GM Application



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    DragonCz GM Application

    Post  DragonCz on Mon Mar 22, 2010 3:32 pm

    Hello, I am 18 years old, my name is Michal Junek and i am from Canada, I am very nice to players because i like to play with them, make events.... I have lost of ideas for events, I should be online 2-3 hours everyday, and if you want less, just tell me Wink I was playing on lots of servers like SydneyMS, NinjaMS, RydahMS, FarmerstoryMS... and I had my own server where we were playin g with friends and I was learning there about being gm, if you take me, I promise i will provide the best for this server.

    IGN: I will make as soon as possible
    GTM: -5

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