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    Jennups App <3

    Post  Jennup on Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:51 pm

    Name: Jenna Jarhola


    Location, Timezone:Finland GMT 2 and ofc GMT 3 (Changes ofc^^)


    Email: Jennups@windowslive.com

    Previous Experience:umm i have been GM on 7 Server including ilovems,Old Finalstory,StoryofMS... and my have been on 2 server watch taht gm:s do their jobs and on other 5 problem solver from players and i really enojoy help ppl =)

    What you are applying for?:I am Applying for job of GM, Becose i think i can still help ppl out of their problems and caught hackers.

    How long are you on for?: Umm i think ima gona bee online on weekdays like 1-3h/per day

    Why should we hire you? In other words, what sets you apart from everyone else hm?:

    [color=violet]Umm i am allways positive i have allways answer ready for any question and if i cant answer i knoe how i can get answer =D, i think i have lot of experience on GM and i really know what GM can do and what really CANNOT do some ppl forget that =P,
    And i think second most important thing is i have much of suggestions wich could be made to make this server more so AWSOME!

    What would you do with a hacker, troublemaker, or peace disturberer!?:Hackers...Well first of all i would get kwoing it is REALLY hacker or something else then i would do that i have been told to do some server give 2 changes some none so i would need to hear what soul think abaout it =P, but i NEVER ban ppl if i am not sure it really got right reason for ban

    What are your hobbies/activities?:

    Well i play somethings...Golf,Floorball and i girls stuff^^ too much to be listed

    What events would you run?:Umm i have been able to make event once and then i relised i love those question events you know false or truth?, but i can figure how can make others like JQ

    Well Love you all <3333


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