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    Delicious' delicious app :D


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    Delicious' delicious app :D

    Post  Artemis on Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:40 pm

    Hello everyone! Very Happy thanks for taking the time to read my GM app! <3

    Name: Artemis/Art
    Previous experience::
    I haven't had any previous experience before, so I hope to try out for this Smile
    TimezoneGMT -5 Smile

    Whatever else I want? Very Happy

    My good points:
    Okay, Im online practically everyday and yes, I'm an active player.
    I enjoy making new friends, and helping people out when the occasion calls for it. I also try very hard to answer and assist new players whenever possible. Also, I am a philanthropist (0f sorts) Very Happy I like sharing good stuff with everyone :)And I enjoy hosting events as they brighten up our SperMS experience (like XO events) and also give other people a chance to win awesome prizes! Very Happy

    My bad points:
    Sometimes, I tend to become rather short-tempered and start trolling a little. Also, I have occasional bouts of ''laziness'' and I start to sit on a chair in FM and chat my hands off :X

    Now for the serious bits.
    In the event that I see a hacker
    I will of course hide and frap first to be absolutely certain that the person is hacking. This prevents me(A) and the hacker (B) from
    A:Wrongly banning the person, and
    B:Denying that he/she has hacked when I already have solid proof.

    Okay! that's all for my GM app. Thanks for taking the time to read it again!

    Deliciously yours,
    DELICIOUS! sunny

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    Re: Delicious' delicious app :D

    Post  Roberto on Mon Mar 22, 2010 11:59 pm

    Good luck man!

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