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    Natsuki's Application


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    Natsuki's Application

    Post  Natsuki on Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:38 am

    Here we go again.. Smile

    Name: Natsuki
    IGN: Natsuki
    Timezone: GMT +9

    Experience: Administrating MySQL Databases, Ragnarok Online Servers... hosting local test servers for just about any RPG I could get my hands on(MapleStory included), administrating forums, blah blah.. this gets really long, and you probably stop reading after a certain period.

    Uhh.. my additional comments were better in my application on EMS. But here's what I'll say. I like science. All science. Any science. Always.
    I'm well involved in knowing people, and socially lively.. I'm friendly, and I never wish to argue with anyone. It's about quick, final decisions, and no regrets.. simple, calm judgment. No favourites, no bullpie, no hassles. Just business, and social fun. Smile

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