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    Aaron's GM App~



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    Aaron's GM App~

    Post  iKickyButt on Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:48 pm

    Name: Aaron

    IGN: iKickyButt

    Email: dr4g0n.k1ll3r.619@gmail.com

    Time Zone:GMT 8+ Pacific Time

    My past experience:I have been in an incredible private Server called RydahMS. I was having fun until they had a recent rollback in the server. I used to be a GM there, but quit because of the rollback. So I have experience on how to control the server and ban any hackers/scammers that try to harm our great NEW server. If this GM application gets accepted, I will do my best to help the server expand and make it a safer and more fun private server. Plus, i have a test server as you will read about in the later sentences.

    What can you do to help the server: I am on quite regularly and know some glitches. Ive seen how fun this server is and want to help develop it more so more people will join. I can code (Everyone can) on emergencies and if you have a test script i can try it in my test server. Im learning Java online and at school which i think will be a big help for the server as Java is what the server depends on.

    Why you want to be a GM: Ive been with this server before and I have liked the staff here(SperMS).
    What Position i am applying for:I am applying for GM or administrator.

    Also, when I see a hacker or scammer, i will use the skill hide first. Then i have to make sure he/she is scamming.<<i have to do that so i dont wrongfully ban the person and they complain to us. This way would make it easier for all of us.

    Thank You for your patience and hope you accept my app for I can help improve this server.Thanks~

    PS: please vote yes or no at the poll on top.tys~ <3 .


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